Can Reflexology help Tinnitus?

We know a client 'Alex' believes it helped him
Tinnitus is condition, or to be more precise, a symptom of underlying condition(s) involving a sensation of sound when no external sound exists.

'Significant decrease in premenstrual symptoms'
A controlled study carried out among a group of volunteers who had previously complained of distress from PMS symptoms has shown a significant decrease in these symptoms following reflexology treatment.


In Praise of Reflexology; a Clients Experience

As an Associate Professor in Philosophy, I approached reflexology twelve years ago with some wariness. I have a PhD in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and I am not, I think, at all 'suggestible'. I am trained in rational scepticism; I like to see a strong argument based on evidence.


The Holistic Approach to Health.

Simply put holistic means whole,  that is mind, body and spirit together. Complementary therapists like reflexologists look at the whole person, their lifestyle, their work and home life, medical background etc. and approach treatment holistically.


reflexology-insuranceReflexology Insurance Scheme (PR Members only)

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Now You Have Found our Reflexology Magazine.

It means that we can now show you just how powerful the wonderful holistic therapy of Reflexology can be when practised by a Professional Reflexology Memeber with the letters PRM after their name.

janes_02aAn Interview with Jane Sheehan
Jane Sheehan is author of "Let's Read Our Feet!" "The Foot Reading Coach" and "Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook."

Jane, tell us how did you first get involved in Reflexology?

photo 8What is Reflexology?

Reflexology can be many things to many people. But it is not a foot massage. Reflexology is a precise complementary therapy, not to be confused with beauty treatment. Nor thought of as an alternative to conventional medicine, but as a support to any medical treatment being received.