Tinnitus and Reflexology

tinnitus-newReflexology may be a powerful therapy, but could it help Tinnitus sufferers?

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Choosing Your Training

reflexology-trainingFrom distance learning up to the Level 5 choosing reflexology training can be confusing.

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Fertility and Reflexology

Fertility-reflexology Reflexologist Natasha Ellison suggests that reflexology may help.

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Reflexology for Hay Fever

reflexology-hay-feverRunny nose, sore itchy eyes; sneezing and wheezing, hay fever can ruin your summer.

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 Reflexology for hay feverHay Fever

Some of us get minor symptoms whilst others can be confined to home with the windows closed. Runny nose, sore itchy eyes; sneezing and wheezing, hay fever can ruin your summer.

It can bring on sinus problems and trigger asthma. The medical name for hay fever is Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis and those of you who have an allergy, for example to cat or dog hair, suffer from Allergic Rhinitis and again can be susceptible to asthma.

Hay Fever is now so common that, in recent years, during the summer months the weather report is accompanied by a pollen count prediction often sponsored by a proprietary brand of anti-histamine preparation. 

But for those of us who prefer a complementary approach what can we do?

It may surprise you to know that Reflexology can be an incredibly effective treatment for hay fever and for allergic rhinitis in general.

When training to be a reflexologist it is a requirement to do a large number of treatments as 'Case Studies' which are part of the learning process when one can begin to work with volunteer clients with differing conditions in order to build p experience before entering practice. As a student one of my case study clients told me that she suffered very badly with hay fever particularly during the Rapeseed season.(we live in a rural area). So badly it turned out that when the Rapeseed plants were in flower she was unable to walk her dog and she couldn't drive her car with the window open on a hot day. (This was before the days of universal Air-Con in cars). I had been told that I was going to be taught a specialist technique for the treatment of Rhinitis during my course and so I arranged for this client to return at the appropriate time for further reflexology.

During the period of treatment the symptoms reduced and eventually were no longer evident. Janice, the client in question, has been free from symptoms of hay fever during the ensuing years and has only the occasional 'top-up' session of reflexology.
Another example is client Guy who came for Reflexology for an entirely unrelated reason. During treatment the Rhinitis problem was evident in his feet and he explained that he had suffered with Rhinitis every day of his life for as long as he could remember, (he was at that time in his late thirties.) He took medication daily and believed that it would always be that way which is why he had not mentioned it to me. We arranged for further treatment and after three sessions he found he no longer had any symptoms and of his own accord had stopped taking anti histamine.

We met some years later and he told me that he had never suffered since.

Reflexology may be very effective for hay fever sufferers when these specialist techniques are used. Make sure that you choose your reflexologist from within our directory as they have exclusive access to those techniques.