From distance learning or a three day diploma, right up to the Level five Reflexology Practitioner Training Course choosing practitioner training can be confusing.
And yet training as a reflexologist could be one of the most rewarding career moves you will ever make and your decision about which reflexology course can make all the difference to your success as a practitioner. So it is all too sad that we are told almost daily how confusing it is with all the different courses on offer. We aim to help make your decision much clearer.

Practiced correctly we believe that reflexology is the most powerful of complementary therapies and it is vital that you get the right standard of training for your future.

Let us look first at courses offering a quick qualification.

If you are serious about being a reflexologist ask yourself these questions: -

  1. Would a three day course, or a fast tracking course or distance learning likely to be a viable way to train for a hands-on therapy where necessary practical professional skills have to be developed?
  2. You may get a paper qualification, but will you be a competent reflexologist?

Apart from the above there are two qualifications generally available to train as a reflexologist in the UK.

One is the Level 3 reflexology diploma introduced in January 2011.This is a generic course designed as a basis for all complementary therapies. This is taught in modules with a 'Provide Reflexology' module added to the base units to give the reflexology qualification.

The second is the newly accredited Level 5 Practitioner Course in Reflexology, which is being offered by a restricted number of reflexology schools across the country. This has been devised by Reflexologists for the specific training of Reflexology practitioners. As you might expect the level five gives a far greater in-depth training than the alternatives.

Qualifications alone cannot make you a good reflexologist. But we would suggest that you choose a course with the minimum standard of level 3.

Reflexology is so much more than a foot massage and you will only get from your training the high level of practical skills and in depth knowledge that you will use at every treatment if your tutor is highly experienced in practice themselves. This is where our training directory will help as our school members all fit this criteria.

The fact is that the 'who will teach you' becomes ever more important to your future. It all comes down to the standard and dedication the tutors and of the training that you are offered over and above the basic required standard.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Class size is extremely important. It is not uncommon to hear of courses where there are as many as eighteen or even twenty students per tutor. We have for example been made aware of occasions where someone completed their qualification in July and started teaching the subject in September.
Neither of these situations would be acceptable to Professional Reflexology as a training provider

Professional Reflexology Member Schools all subscribe to a set of core training standards, and all Professional Reflexology course tutors must have a teaching qualification and a minimum of five years experience in practice. All assistants are required to have a minimum of three years in practice.

Unlike other directories Professional Reflexology Member schools are not listed because of the ability to pay for an advertisement; they have all had to meet these further requirements in order to register their school as members.

This does not mean that our members are all the exactly the same.
Each school and tutor has their own specialties within reflexology, giving you the choice to remain an individual and develop your skills to the full.

So when you are looking for a place to train you can rest assured that Professional Reflexology Member schools will not only help you achieve a qualification at the highest level but provide you with the best possible route to becoming a reflexologist.

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